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MegaBrainX sharpens your instincts to seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls across Web3.

Our elite insights distill the hype into actionable intelligence helping you minimize risks, maximize gains and unlock the full profit potential of Web3.

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Web3 Integrations

Future-proof your business by integrating cutting-edge Web3 technologies to drive down costs and enhance profits.

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Crypto Payments

  • Supply Chain

  • Instant Settlements

  • Digital IDs
    And much more..

Project Analysis

Whether you're investing, leading, or advising a project, our in-depth reports enable you to amplify returns.

  • Full Project Assessments

  • Strategic Recommendations

  • Practical Guidance

  • Hands-on Support

  • Projects/VC exposure
    And much more..

Market Analysis

Harness our bespoke expert insights to make informed decisions, maximize gains, and minimize risks.

  • Niche Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Trending Sectors

  • New Narrative Assessment
    And much more..

Perfect for

Traditional Buisnesses

Web3 Startups

Tailored for

Project Leaders

Investors & VCs

Essential for

 Business & Project Leaders

Investors & VCs

Unlock Web3's Potential with Our
Research, Analysis, and Guides

Meet The Core Team

Our team comprises specialized experts across tech, business, and finance - bringing together complementary skills to form a collectively brilliant intelligence engine. This all-star talent powers our unparalleled insights.

Anthony PFP.jpg

Anthony Tohme

Strategy and

Technology Director

CryptoTots PFP.jpg

Thomas (Tots)

Managing Director

Elias Salemeh PFP.jpg

Elias Salemeh

Operations Director

Bunnie Brasco PFP.jpg

Elie Khoury

NFT Analyst

Elie Khoueiry PFP.jpg

Elie Khoueiry

Crypto Analyst

Web3 shows immense promise, but idealistic visions need pragmatic foundations.

We take a focused, step-by-step approach to drive strategic growth and mainstream integration over time through our Web3 Growth Goals initiative and growth thesis monitoring


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Crypto Investment Newsletter

The MegaBrainX Crypto Investment Newsletter provides investors with comprehensive, actionable insights to navigate markets and identify opportunities.

Our newsletter provides research-driven insights to inform smarter crypto investments.

Key features:

  • Macroeconomics and their impact on crypto

  • Crypto market price action insights

  • Emerging narrative tracking

  • Analytical approach surfacing early signals

  • Actionable takeaways for investors

By leveraging these features, subscribers gain an advantageous perspective to make smarter decisions.
The newsletter maps the road ahead and equips you to navigate it.

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